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Image by SJ Objio

Detachment Acceptance

There is a constant dance between the constriction of conditioned ego attachment and the expansiveness of detachment. We enter this plane in a vessel designed to customize our earthly experience for a specific dharma. And yet we are immediately conditioned to mold ourselves into a societal dictated ideal. Ironically, that ideal shape shifts as we move to different geographies, subsets of groups, patterned energy. Yet we hold these patterns close, as they contain our vessel. There is a perception of security in containment, a fear of complete disintegration when letting go.

But what if we could detach from self (with the small s) and trust that our soul is integrated, that there is nothing more powerful than suspending disbelief. Imagine the power of eliminating labels and tapping into the universal human condition , accessing the Self with a big S.

This existence seemingly rolls forward into the unknown, yet ego is constantly trying to eliminate surprise, contain, regulate, repeat. Ego looks for patterns.

Consider foreign travel as a small step in detachment. We must suspend disbelief and eliminate assumptions. We cannot assume that we will be understood, or that we will understand. Travel can be hard on the physical body. Time change. Carrying baggage. Delays. Communication barriers. How do we learn to travel light? To accept stepping into the unknown?

When fears arise, ego is at hand. When we feel separate, ego once again is taking hold. It is in the expansiveness of detachment from judgement, our pain body, assumptions, personalizing, that we merge with the one. In learning to discern ego attachment from higher powered wisdom, we develop the dance of detachment.

We can manifest this by simply by inhaling, attracting, allowing, rather than forcing, controlling, perceiving only black and white options. We can start by choosing power thoughts and words over force. Questions over answers. Instead of No, Must, Should, consider Yes, could, may. The options are limitless, as is your soul merging with the great unknown.

Consider yourself anointed. Your seat is your cathedral. Your universe is controlled from within. The power of your humility is omnipresent.

Simply allow.




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